Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne 

We are glad to have you visit our Melbourne window cleaning services, where we prioritize your perspective and clarity meets quality. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of windows in Melbourne’s dynamic metropolitan context, where architectural genius is matched by spectacular views.

Whether you live in a home or a commercial tower, our specialized services are made to improve the use and visual appeal of your windows. We take great satisfaction in using an exacting and cutting-edge method when washing windows at Our Window washing Services. In addition to making your windows shine, our team of skilled experts uses eco-friendly cleaning products and cutting-edge technology to ensure that your windows support a sustainable and environmentally conscious atmosphere. Our team at Tidy Clean have designed the services to meet the challenges presented by Melbourne’s varied weather. We are aware of the damage that the weather can do to your windows, from the constant rain to the dust and pollutants.

Beyond only clearing away dirt from the surface, our thorough cleaning procedure also removes mineral deposits, hard water stains, and other tenacious substances that could cloud your windows. Our operations prioritize safety above everything else, particularly when working with Melbourne’s tall buildings.

Routine Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne!


We also provide routine window cleaning services. If the daily pollution and dust that accumulate on the windows from the air are cleaned regularly, the shine of the windows remains intact.

That’s why we have a separate special team available at all times for routine window cleaning. Stubborn stains that have accumulated over a long time are effectively removed, enhancing the overall look of the building, and improving light penetration. Maintaining your windows is crucial to maintaining both the functional and aesthetic elements of your home.

Cleaning, damage inspection, and quick problem solving are all part of routine maintenance. In addition to ensuring durability, proper maintenance also stops deterioration and increases energy efficiency. Regular window maintenance ensures that your windows stay clear, functional, and add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. It includes anything from clearing away dirt to inspecting seals and motors.

Why Choose Us as Your Window Cleaner


  • Cutting-edge machinery and environmentally safe cleaning supplies.
  • Safety procedures, guaranteeing thorough cleaning for even tall buildings.
  • ¬†Every cleaning operation is handled with care.
  • Eco friendly methods are beings used by team.
  • No unpleasant surprises or hidden fees. Get offers.
  • Polite and professional crew committed to fulfilling your unique requirements.
  • Enhanced overall look and long-lasting clarity with regular maintenance.
  • Client contentment: Became one of the many pleased clients who value.

Frequently Asked Questions On Window Cleaning Services


When you clean the windows, do I have to stay at home?

We will clean every exterior window as long as we have access to your property, so you don’t even need to be there. We can schedule a time and date that works best for you, but we do require access for interior cleaning.

Are you covered by insurance?

Our entire staff, including the cleaners, is insured.

What occurs if it pours rain?

Too bad, we never wipe the outside windows for safety reasons. Besides, cleaning in the rain never turns out well. If a bright day works better for you, you can easily reschedule the service.

Does this include cleaning the sills and ledges?

Although window tracks are cleaned at extra expense, they are never included in the services provided, even for ledges.

Inexpensive window cleaning methods: what are they?

Get your windows cleaned by professionals at a reasonable price by using our services.