5 Cleaning KPIS Should Be Provided By Your Commercial Cleaning Service

5 Cleaning KPIS Should Be Provided By Your Commercial Cleaning Service 18/09/2022

Every client should know how to determining the performance of commercial cleaning companies as they invested a significant amount of money in cleaning services. Client should know whether they are delivering the services as they promised or not.

Whenever you start finding commercial cleaning company, you need a checklist of parameters by which you can determine the quality of service. Every company assessing their performance on bases of key performance indicators, also known as KPIs. They are collecting the data from feedback, cleaning cost and employee turnovers. Addressing the areas of improvement is difficult task for clients as they have little knowledge of KPIs.

The best commercial cleaning companies work with the  following 5KPIs:


1. Quality of Service

It is very essential to understand that how cleaning is vital for healthy and safe environment. After providing the service, the outcome of the quality audit is required. Check the cleanliness such as dusting and vacuuming. Are they providing alternate resources if any changes happen.

2. Satisfaction

Collecting the data from customers such as feedback and complaints will help companies to determine their performances. Client satisfaction is vital indictor of what is expected by client vs what is delivered to client in terms of cleanliness.

3. Staff

Commercial cleaning companies need to hire the staff who are professional, reliable and deliver the quality of work. They need to arrange the training sessions for the staff to enhances their skills and performance over the time.

4. Safety

It is essential for any commercial cleaning services to maintain the safety for their staff and other people around. Providing clear KPIs resolve this issue and maintain the balance in place. There are some factors need to be monitor such as injury at workplace, near misses, floor slip and loss of productivity. Tidy clean motive is to provide the safe and heathy environment and follow the quality standards. We are focusing on cleaning products that are safe for staff as well as environment.

5. Health and Sustainability

Sustainability helps us to measure the resources which are used for cleaning services that they are safe for people and the environment. need to monitor the usage of water and electricity as per the Environment Management plan. Use chemicals which are not affecting environment. Tidy clean cleaning services are guaranteed to make the environment healthier and more pleasing at your workplace. We are providing consistent and high-quality cleaning services over the long term.

Tidy clean commercial cleaning services focus on above given KPIs. If you are looking for reputed commercial cleaning company in Melbourne that understands the KPIs and provide safe and clean environment, then contact us today.

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